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Happy Dhanteras:- Celebration, traditions and importance

Dhanteras marks the start of five day long diwali festival,Know How Do we celebrate, what is the story and tradition to follow in Hindu Culture.

Dhanteras 2018

This year Dhanteras festival will be celebrated on 5th November 2018 (Monday). As per traditional Hindu mythology, people perform Laxmi Puja on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. The suitable muhurat for the Puja is the “Pradosh Muhurat”.

Dhanteras marks the start of the celebration of the five-day long Festivities called as Diwali. This day is celebrated In India as well as abroad, and Dhanteras meaning is puja of the wealth performed in the Ashwin month. There is a belief to purchase precious and luxury things on this day to make the home more prosperous. The festival of Dhanteras is also known as Dhanvantari Trayodashi, and Dhanatrayodashi.

The best Muhurat for Dhanteras Puja 2018 is approximately 2 hours (The exact duration is 18:05 to 20:00 Hours in the evening so it would be most auspicious to perform the Puja in this duration.

How Do We Celebrate Dhanteras?

Dhanteras Celebration

On this great occasion of Dhanteras, people first get their home repaired and clean them thoroughly. Whitewash is done, Rangolis are made, and earthen diyas are lit. Other traditions that are followed include putting up readymade footprints of Maa Laxmi at the entrance to welcome prosperity and wealth to their home. Once the sun sets, people perform puja of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh with the offerings of Sweets, DhoopBatti, Garland, Camphor, etc. People also recite Bhakti stotras, Mantras, and perform Maa Lakshmi Aarti.

Dhanteras Traditions

As per the ancient Hindu mythology, there are diverse traditions, and customs popular on Dhanteras and Hindus follow them in India and abroad. People find it auspicious to buy some jewelry, new utensils, vehicle, silver or gold coins, etc on this day and believe that if new things are purchased on this day, then the entire year will prove to be very prosperous for them. Laxmi puja is done in the evening, and diyas are lit to weed out the evil spirits, people also sing aartis and chant mantras. Villagers decorate the cattles as they are termed as the source of income.

Dhanteras Importance

Dhanteras plays a very important role in the life of the people as it is the symbol of prosperity, wealth, wisdom and destiny. It is the moment when houses are cleaned up to weed out the negativity and bad energy from their home and surroundings. This day also marks the birth date of Dhanwantari so new inventions related to medical field are carried out on this day.

Dhanteras Story

One of the most popular stories behind Dhanteras is that when Ocean was being churned by both deities & devils to get the nectar of life (Amrit), The avatar of Lord Vishnu (Dhanvantari) emerged out holding that jar with Amrit and other Ayurvedic medicines. This day is celebrated as Dhanteras. Another legend goes like this Maa Parvati played dice on this very day with her husband and won the game. Hence, this tradition of playing gamble, lottery and dice started on this Dhanteras day especially by the businessmen, and they aim to gain prosperity and wealth throughout the year.


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