Ayurvedic Treatment for Gouty Arthritis
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Ayurvedic Treatment for Gouty Arthritis

Arthritis could be a most comnon-communicableable malady of the current era. ‘Arthros’ means that’ Joints’ and inflammatory disease means “inflammation of joints”. The malady burden of inflammatory disease is within the rise within the recent times. inflammatory disease seems in varied sorts and that we area unitnormally detected regarding degenerative arthritis, atrophic arthritis and gout or just gouty arthritis. All of those have the common symptom of dropsical chromatic painful joints that restricts movement of the half. gouty arthritis is Associate in Nursing rheumatic condition that is characterised by a fast surprisingattack. gouty arthritis will happen to anyone and presents with painful pain, redness and puffiness. The affected joint can have severe tenderness too.
Prevalence of gouty arthritis is increasing in Asian nation further as World. Unhealthy life vogue and diet patterns precipitates gout. Most of the patients skip treatment due to the subsidence of pain some hours when the attack.

It normally attacks the massive toe of the foot. gouty arthritis is characterised by intense pain and discomfort. the foremost characteristic feature of gout is it’s time of attack. It are often a middle night attack with none previous warning. Not solely the massive toe, however conjointly the ankles, elbows, fingers even be the victim of gouty arthritis attacks. The surprising attacks will recur over and over too. The careful story of gouty arthritis are often browse beneath the subsequent headings.


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Gouty Arthritis

Causes: gouty arthritis is that the results of impaired acid excretion mechanism within the body. Kidneys fail to pass the acid that isproducedby the breakdown of excess ‘purines’ obtained through foods and drinks within the body. The impaired excretion results in the buildup of acid as crystals within the body. the standard sites of accumulation area unit the bottom of joints, particularly within the foot. Over intake of meat and ocean food results in the hyperbolic level of purines within the body. brew consumption and therefore the hyperbolic intake of ketohexose or fruit sugar, overweight and avoirdupois, diabetes, internal organ malady, nephritic diseases etc. may end up in hyperbolic acid production within the body. gouty arthritis is claimed to own a genetic incidence conjointly. Familial inheritance is ascertainednormally. gouty arthritis may also occur as a results of traumas and surgery. ordinarily gouty arthritis has a lot of affinity to men and therefore the incidence rates in men area unit above females. Females area unithaving lower acid levels as compared to men. 30-50 years elderly area unit the height amount of gouty arthritis incidence in men. ThePost biological time ladies tend to own a lot of incidence of gouty arthritis as climacteric itself causes surge in acid levels within the blood. Some malignant cancers conjointly increase acid levels. sickness, glandular disease and skin diseases like disease of the skin conjointly contribute to acid accumulation within the body.Use of sure antibiotics area unit aforementioned to own property of accelerating acid within the body.

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Severe pain within the initial twelve hours of attack.
Lasting  discomfort of joints for weeks.
Swelled joints with chromatic skin, heat and tenderness.
Restricted movements of the affected joint.

Stiffness of the joint.

In chronic cases the acid crystal deposits causes tiny lumps round the joint. These  area unit referred to asas ‘tophi’.
Investigations: X-rays, Ultrasound, Blood tests.

Chronic gout: it causes injury to bones and cartilages. injury to excretory organs and resultant issues like kidney stones will arise. Chronic untreated gouty arthritis tends to worsen true by moving a lot of joints. Presence of sick tophi will build the joint seem as if unshapely.

Gout in Ayurveda: gouty arthritis are often correlative to Vataraktha condition. The symptoms of Vataraktha coincide thereupon of gouty arthritis.

Treatments: largely internal medications area unit followed. In trendy drugs use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine and analgesics area unit normally used. Like in each rheumatic condition the facility of natural drugs to cure gouty arthritis is commendable. Ayurveda offers a comprehensive and effective treatment to tackle the menace of gouty arthritis.

The Ayurvedic approach is predicated upon the principles of hindrance and Cure. The foremost approach is hindrance of incidence of gouty arthritis and therefore the hindrance of return of gouty arthritis.

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The preventive side is supported on the disciplined approach of life. It includes correct diet, fashion and exercises. As diet is one in every of the creation causes for the incidence of gouty arthritis, correct selectionof diet is incredibly a lot of necessary. Ayurveda clearly mentions foods that area unit to be used and to be avoided for good joint health. High fibre and low macromolecule food is suggested.

Foods that vitiate Vata and Pitha dosha area unit to be avoided. They embrace meat, alcohol, dry foods, and excess intake of Madhura, Amla and Lavana foods (sweet, bitter and salt).
As joints area unit the seat of Kapha dosha special care ought to be taken to not take excess kapha vardhaka foods. hyperbolic use of Madhura rasa causes nullification of kapha dosha too.
The foods mustn’t be having high macromolecule content and use of tobacco is prohibited.

Use of dairy farm product ought to be reduced.
Drink a lot of water daily.
Seasonal fruits are often taken.
Vegetables foods area unit largely advocated for healthy joints.
Even though meat is prohibited soup of goat meat are often taken because it is extremely alimentary and strengthening the joints.

Use of curd, dairy product to be reduced or avoided.
Timely intake of food required.
Rice and different cereals, skim milk are often taken.
Avoid excess use of black gram.
Intake of pulses ought to be reduced.
For good joint health delicate exercises area unit to be done daily. Abhyanga or oil massages everyday required. Abhyanga are often with Dhanwantharam taila, Sahacharadi taila or simplysesame oil.Practice of Yoga and meditation conjointly helps in retentive sensible joint health.

21 Natural remedies for gouty arthritis

Use of Ginger juice with slight quantity of sugar helps in reducing the inflammation.
Application of cold water within the affected half helps in reduction of pain and inflammation.
Use of mung bean as soup along side drawn butter.
Dasamoola Ksheera dhara helps in assuaging pain.
Use of citrus fruits that contain water-soluble vitamin.
Use of Punarnava or Boerhavia diffusa in food, that could be a powerful natural water pill.
Use of occasional found to effects in reducing acid levels.
Use of cherries found to be effective in reducing acid levels.
Use of banana helps in reduction of acid levels.
Blood purifying foods area unit advocated like dry grapes and dates.
Use fenugreek seeds unbroken long soaked in water to cut back inflammation and pain.
Daily intake of 2 garlic pods helps to eliminate excreta acids.
Antioxidant wealthy foods like Indian gooseberry, coriander seeds etc area unit to be taken to stabilize acidlevels within the body.
Turmeric used along side milk daily helps in future hindrance of gouty arthritis.
Daily use of the boiling of Kokilakshaka – (Asteracantha longifolia) helps in preventing gouty arthritis in future.
Pouring slightly heated Dhanyamla over the affected half helps to cut back pain and swelling.
Hot and cold compress applications to extend blood circulation and helps to cut back pain.
Soaking the affected half in heat water containing Epsom salt helps to cut back pain and tenderness.
Use of aswagandha or Withania somnifera powder will facilitate in action gouty arthritis because it hasrobust medication properties.
Application of Pichu, Associate in Nursing Ayurvedic treatment during which drugs is soaked in cotton and place over the affected half are often done.
Use Triphala powder daily for overall health of bones and joints.
The hindrance and cure of gouty arthritis is really in our hands itself. a zealous and disciplined life is that the key stone for preventing each malady on Authentic Panchakarma Treatments in Kerala


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